Edris Kiggundu

“You said nothing,” Daily Monitor dedicates blank page to Museveni’s speech

In an unprecedented move, The Daily Monitor today left its front page blank, a repudiation of President Museveni’s state of the nation address yesterday. The imagery seems to suggest that in Monitor’s judgement, Museveni’s speech did not highlight the key issues affecting Ugandans. In its lead story of yesterday, the newspaper had highlighted what they…

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A vivid portrait of a typical journalist in Uganda: Broke, harrased but hardworking

As we celebrate the World Press Freedom Day today, government, civil society organizations and media organizations are going to re-echo their determination and will to uphold press and media freedoms. The typical Ugandan thinks that journalists are a privileged class who rub shoulders with powerful newsmakers, earn good money, travel to interesting places, attend the…

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How Prof Nawangwe turned Makerere University into a ‘glorified secondary school’

Once a vibrant academic, social and political community, Makerere University has increasingly come to resemble a glorified secondary school. Academic staff are strictly monitored like they are primary school teachers. Students no longer have the freedom to assemble and hold rallies. Airing of grievances can lead to suspension and swift dismissal like some students have…

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