FDC launches digital registration exercise of members

The Forum for Democratic Change has launched a digital registration exercise of members as the once biggest opposition party tries to rediscover its glory.

Launching the exercise, the party president Patrick Amuriat warned the Katonga FDC faction led by former party leader Dr Kizza Besigye not to interfere with the exercise.

“I tell you members their will be no party membership registration at Katonga nor at any city street across Uganda. The registration process will only be manned by our own secretariat at Najjanankumbi,” he said.

Amuriat said he was happy to see that some of those who have been criticizing his leadership have expressed enthusiasm in the exercise.

According to the FDC president the party will very soon start a nationwide campaign to mobilize members.

He said they want to enter into talks with NUP leadership to see how they can jointly work together.

“We are going to talk the leaders of leading opposition party NUP at Makerere to forge the way forward because we have had enough of Museveni government,” Amuriat said.

He said the challenge the party will need to overcome is the financial crisis.

He said they will educate members on how to register for the exercise on various digital platforms. He said they are aware some areas have no internet connection.








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