Mutaasa Kafeero runs to court over botched Shs 900 million Range Rover deal

Business tycoon, Mutaasa Kafeero has taken a car dealer to court for trying to defraud him of Shs 300 million over a car sale that went wrong.

In documents seen by Bbeg Media, Kafeero says that on February 1, 2024 he entered into a purchase agreement with a car dealer Yassah Matovu to purchase a 2023 model Range Rover valued at Shs 900 million.

According to the agreement, seen by Bbeg Media, Kafeero was supposed to pay Shs 300 million as down payment and clear the remaining Shs 600 million in 12 installments of Shs 50 million each.

On February 1, 2024, Kafeero paid Shs 300 million to Matovu and three weeks later, he added him Shs 50 million to cater for the first installment. This brought the total he had paid to Matovu to Shs 350 million.

Indeed, he says, Matovu delivered the car to him. But there was one major problem: Matovu delivered a 2022 Range Rover Vogue model instead of the agreed 2023 model.

So Kafeero rejected the car and asked for a refund.

After two months of going back and forth, Kafeero and Matovu signed a written agreement in which it was agreed that Matovu takes back the vehicle and sources for a 2023 model or he refunds the Shs 300 million.

“I Matovu Yassah Seguya owner of Range Rover Vogue, UBQ 436E gryy in colour have taken back the vehicle from Mr/Hajj Mutaasa Kafeero with intention to sell it and source for him another car specifically Range Rover Vogue 2023 model, petrol engine, seven seater…failure to source the car, I will sell the Range Rover Vogue UBQ 436E and refund Hajj Mutaasa as per our agreement of February 1, 2024,” read the agreement signed by both parties on April 1, 2024.

Kafeero says Matovu only paid back Shs 50 million and declined to refund the Shs 300 million. Matovu, Kafeero says, later told him the down payment was not refundable.

That’s why he has decided to run to court.

Through his lawyers Muwema and Company Advocates, Kafeero now wants court to among others; determine whether the car in question fits the description of the one in the purchase agreement.

He also wants court to determine whether or not he is entitled to a refund of Shs 300 million as per the purchase agreement.

We have been told that Matovu has been served the summons.

Our efforts to talk to Matovu were futile. Our calls went unpicked.

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